Voters’ Pamphlet “Rigged” by Liberals

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If you’re an Oregon Voter, you should have gotten your official Voters’ Pamphlet in the mail by now, describing Measures 66 & 67, which Oregonians will be voting on Jan 26th.

However, if you look closely, you may notice that the FIRST and LAST “opposition” arguments printed in the Voters’ Pamphlet – for BOTH measures – are actually in FAVOR of the tax.  Innocent mistake?  Hardly! Those strategic spaces were specifically purchased by people in support of the tax, and the uber-liberal Secretary of State’s office allowed this deceptive maneuver to go forward unchallenged.

Someone should inform Kate Brown and the Elections Division that this does little to build voters’ confidence in their “objectivity”, especially considering they’ve already been accused of slanting the language in the summary in favor of the tax increases!
Oregon voters need to file a complaint here:
Secretary of State Elections  Division
255 Capitol St. NE, Suite 501
Salem, OR 97310
We also need to bombard local newspapers and media stations with letters and phone calls, demanding an investigation and raising such a stink that they are forced to cover the story.  Otherwise, the liberal-leaning media will be more than happy to ignore it.

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