Pro-Tax Propaganda Mailed To Oregon Seniors

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“Vote Yes For Oregon”, a Democratic party front group, is sending pro-tax propoganda under the guise of a “2010 Special Election Guide” to assisted living facilities and other locations across the state.

Among the threats leveled at vulnerable seniors in this “voter’s guide”:

Should these Measures [66 & 67] fail:

  • Oregon Project Independence would be eliminated, cutting in-home care to 3,ooo elderly people
  • Hours of in-home care services provided for seniors and people with disabilities under Medicaid would be dramatically reduced
  • The Home delivered Meal Program would be eliminated
  • Reimbursement rates for prescription drug coverage would be reduced
  • Cuts to public safety could result in closing six prisons, and the release of nearly 1,900 inmates.  Oregon State Police could eliminate the equivalent of 64 full-time positions
  • $280 million million eliminated from K-12 education.

Translation: give us more money or we’re going to starve seniors, cut off funding to their prescription drugs and home care, turn incarcerated criminals loose on the streets, and slash funding for schools.

And people wonder why entitlement programs which create dependence on government is a BAD thing?   Once government has you on the hook, they can force you to do pretty much anything to prevent losing essential services!

All of these things CAN and SHOULD be taken care of by private charities, businesses and non-profit organizations, who create good will and earn your trust instead of extorting tax money at the point of a legal gun and leveling dire threats at the weakest among us!

Which “Most Trusted Organizations” endorse these job-killing measures?

Service Employees International Union (SEIU), led by former New Leftist Andrew Stern, who expects every union member “to devote five working days [a] year to political action” on behalf of the Democratic Party and affiliated front groups.

Stand For Children, a liberal front-group created by the now-Leftist Annie E. Casey Foundation

League of Women Voters, a radical organization which supports gun control, tax hikes, and socialized medicine.

American Federation of Teachers, the most powerful teacher’s union in the country, which now aligns itself with ACORN and the Communist-leaning Working Families Party

The PTA, now under the control of radical Leftists such as current CEO Warlene Gary.

Radical Leftists specialize in creating innocent-sounding front groups like “Save Oregon Seniors” and infiltrating traditionally trustworthy organizations like the PTA, slowly replacing the leadership with people who support their social engineering agenda.  It’s a common, deceptively effective strategy spelled out in Saul Alinsky’sRules For Radicals“.

NEVER VOTE FOR A MEASURE BASED ON THE SUPPOSEDLY “TRUSTWORTHY” GROUPS THAT ENDORSE IT!  That’s how Americans have been suckered into voting for destructive policies for decades.


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