How the Left tricked voters into screwing Oregon job creators

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Once again, Multnomah county takes the rest of the state with it. Did you know the second largest employer in Mult. Co. is the government? Riding on the backs of all those farms and small businesses, they bite the hand that feeds them!

Just watching the coverage of the “Yes” campaign’s victory party was depressing. They booked an entire luxurious hotel ballroom, complete with MC and entertainment. Courtesy of the public workers unions that helped them outspend us 4 to 1.

Meanwhile, all the small business owners and volunteers in the “No” campaign gathered in friends’ homes to await their fate. That alone should have told Oregonians who had the big money back-up, and what a big mistake they have made.

Michelle Malkin hit it right on the head:

Big Labor poured millions of rank-and-file members’ dues into a tax hike campaign in Oregon. It worked. The “wealthy” and the “evil corporations” will now be forced to bail out government schools and social services. Look for affected business owners to start Going Galt en masse.

The Oregonian reports on the gloating by public employee union brass and class warfare propagandists. You betcha the White House is paying attention. Paging Tea Party activists…

The Left Coast Rebel opines:

Leave it to Oregon to blaze trails in class warfare/wealth hatred/nuts and fruits profligacy. Yesterday voters in the state approved tax increase measures on both individuals and corporations in the state. Because, as you know, the problem with all levels of government is that there isn’t enough taxation in this country, right? God forbid any level of government cut spending and reign in excess as households and businesses have to right now. God forbid that a state like Oregon start chopping away at administrative buearacracy. It’s always – We’re going to have to close schools and the fire department! It is sad that more Americans don’t see through the lies.

Victoria Taft asks:

Question: how inept was the “No” campaign if they couldn’t sell no new taxes? Even the President is pretending to be in favor of a spending freeze? I know the “No” folks were serious, but this became a national issue. How could this have been lost? People are rejecting too much government interference all over the country so how could it pass here?

How did they win?  Follow the money.

Vote Yes For Oregon” is a subsidiary of “ActBlue“, the self-described “Clearinghouse for Democratic Action”, funded by the Leftist “New Progressive Coalition (NPC)“.   Between them and the public employee unions, the “Yes” campaign outspent the “No” side by 4 to 1.

One teacher I chatted with on Facebook directed me to an “unbiased” website to “clear up misleading claims”.  It was called “Our Oregon“.  You can guess who was funding it: “Vote Yes For Oregon”.   The fact that she had been told by her union pals that this site was “non-partisan” and “unbiased” shows how far they’re willing to go to deceive even their own members!

Another tactic was to promote the fact that the “Oregon Small Business Council” was in favor of the new taxes.  The catch?   The “Oregon Small Business Council” was a sham.  It was set up in October 2009 – three months before the vote, and refuses to disclose its funding sources.  The founder, Andrew Plambeck, was an environmentalist and university student who interned for leftist congressman David Wu.  That’s right, never worked for a small business – much less owned one – in his life!

The “Yes” campaign managed to make Oregonians buy the lie that corporations were only paying $10 a year and not paying “their fair share”.  After years of leftist indoctrination in government schools and universities, many Americans have bought into the fallacious arguments of socialist class warfare: that you can attack “the rich” (business owners and job creators) without being hurt yourself.  They don’t acknowledge the unintended conequences: businesses laying off workers to make ends meet, raising prices to cover tax expenses, or simply moving to a more business-friendly climate in another state or overseas, taking their job opportunities with them.

They convinced voters that the “No” side, led by “Oregonians Against Job-Killing Taxes“, was funded by big, greedy corporations unwilling to pay their “fair share”.   In reality, it was supported by contributions from individuals and small businesses that were desperately trying to keep afloat in a bad economy.  Our little chapter of Americans for Prosperity even had to take a collection to turn the heat on!

Another brilliant strategy was wrapping the whole package in the false theme of “supporting education”.   They conveniently left out the fact that it was the supposedly “pro-education” Democratic legislature which deliberately cut school funding by 9% – in violation of the Oregon constitution – and then raised spending in other areas by up to 30%!

Fearful of losing their jobs, and believing the lie that undertaxation – not out of control state spending and screwed-up funding priorities – was the culprit for their budget cuts,  teacher and public employee unions (the ones who supported those big spenders getting into office in the first place) ran a clever ad campaign to convince their members and Oregon voters that the REAL problem was that struggling small businesses weren’t paying enough!

To continue the deception, they stooped to slanting the language in the ballot measure description and rigging the voter’s pamphlet by deliberately printing their own “Yes” propoganda in the “Opposition” column.

As KGW reports:

Opponents of the measures expressed concern that the tax increases would hurt local businesses and the Oregon economy. “We think that’s pretty egregious to charge someone to balance the state budget on the backs of folks that aren’t making a profit,” said Barry Bushue of the Oregon Farm Bureau. “If they are making a profit, they already pay taxes.”

It was a victory for public employee unions who were the spearhead of the campaign for the taxes and raised enough money to outspend the opponents.

A Common Cause analysis put their fundraising advantage to date at $6.85 million to $4.55 million in one of the state’s most expensive campaigns.

“The bottom line is the unions bought the election,” said State Republican Chairman Bob Tiernan. “It’s going to be a sadder day as more businesses leave the state and more don’t want to come here.”

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