Socialist groups celebrate Oregon’s tax measures passage

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If you really want to know who is behind this kind of “screw business” mentality, just look at who toots their horn the loudest when the dust settles.  This makes my stomach turn!

The Socialist Worker gleefully observes:

At a time when state budgets across the country face similar shortfalls, national attention is turning toward Oregon and the tax measures. Voters and politicians will be forced to confront a simple fact about public policy during a recession: Either you cut budgets and therefore services when people need them the most, or you tax the rich. We need a movement that defiantly says, “Tax the rich–and then tax them some more.”

Before the victory, the Freedom Socialist Party admitted that Oregon is a “promising test case” for their agenda:

To counter the opposition and ensure the victory of Measures 66 and 67, labor and social justice groups have formed Vote Yes for Oregon. The Freedom Socialist Party is a coalition member along with groups such as the American Federation of Teachers – Oregon, Oregon AFL-CIO, Adelante Mujeres, Basic Rights Oregon, Oregon New Sanctuary Movement, NARAL Pro-Choice, Pacific NW Regional Council of Carpenters, and SEIU locals 503 and 49.

FSP and Radical Women have collected pledges of support from individuals and canvassed neighborhoods to ensure victory in January. The overwhelming response at the door is “Hell yes, corporations should pay more!”

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