After Measures 66 and 67, arts funding movement gets aggressive

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Lesson for conservatives: no matter how much taxpayer money the Left gets for their pet projects, it’s NEVER ENOUGH.   Better to force them to compete in the free market from the very beginning instead of encouraging this kind of endless entitlement mentality.

Here’s the deal: if your art is any good, people will pay for the pleasure of enjoying it.  If you stink, you’re NOT entitled to taxpayer money, especially in the middle of a recession!   Nothing has damaged the arts more than government subsidized mediocrity and CRAP!

People all across the state are looking for work and barely scraping by, while these nuts want to empty overburdened state coffers to pay for “art” (like $54,000 for “flying people” sculptures in front of the Clackamas mall).   What is WRONG with these people?!?

For supporters of a proposal that would create taxpayer-based funding for the arts, Tuesday’s vote on Measures 66 and 67 might be a turning point for their own emerging campaign.

But decision-makers behind the arts movement had big plans about the future before the two statewide measures funding social services and education passed.

Jessica Jarratt, executive director of the Creative Advocacy Network, the nonprofit founded to drive the movement for permanent, taxpayer-supported arts funding, said arts insiders had decided to push for a ballot this year, among other decisions, and not wait for 2012 or after.

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