Oregon will test 11th-graders using 10th-grade tests

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When students are failing in even the most basic grade level subjects, what is the solution?

Cut the bureaucratic red tape and give the power back to parents and teachers who actually KNOW their students, how they learn best and what they need?

Give parents the choice to send their kids to any school they want, throwing in a little healthy competition so schools have to shape up to win customers or close shop?

Of course not!  Why, we just DUMB DOWN the test, as always!  God help these poor kids when they “graduate” (read: given a certificate for wasting their time in government-monopolized indoctrination centers for 12  years).   They’re not being given the tools they need to compete and provide for their families in the real world!

Oregon is moving its 10th-grade tests in reading, writing, math and science to the 11th grade, saying many students need another year of high school to learn the skills covered on the tests.

The tests were written for sophomores, and the minimum passing scores were set based on how sophomores performed on the tests. But, beginning next school year, they will be given to juniors, and the state’s high schools will be judged by how many of their students pass the exams by the end of junior year.

Oregon got permission from the U.S. Department of Education to make the standard easier for schools.

When Oregon sophomores take the tests, a lot of them fail, particularly in math. Last year, 46 percent of 10th-graders flunked that test, 45 percent failed the writing test and 42 percent failed in science.

Low passing rates on the state reading and math tests are the main reason that Oregon high schools get worse ratings on state and federal accountability reports than the state’s elementary and middle schools.

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