America’s unhappiest city: Portland, OR

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We’re number #1!   Oh, wait…..

According to Bloomberg:

Portland Oregon
Overall rank: 1*
Depression rank: 1
Suicide rank: 12
Crime (property and violent) rank: 24
Divorce rate rank: 4
Cloudy days: 222
Unemployment rate (December 2008): 7.8%

The “People’s Republic of Portland” shouldn’t be so modest!   On the Left coast, we work really hard to chase evil, exploitive capitalist businesses out of our state, and can now proudly claim that our unemployment rate is at 10.7% at last count (a full point higher than the national average, 9.7%).

And don’t worry.  More conservative states like Nevada and Idaho are eager to take these greedy job creators off our hands.

The Oregonian reports, “Idaho governor pursuing Oregon businesses in light of measures 66 and 67

Gov. C.L. “Butch” Otter is getting fresh with Oregon businesses, in what the Republican chief executive is calling a “love letter to Idaho’s neighbors.”

In it, Otter argues Idaho’s predictable tax and regulatory policies make it a good place for companies that may be considering relocating because their own states are balancing their budgets by increasing taxes.

It’s a direct message to businesses in Oregon, where voters in January approved measures 66 and 67, which are tax hikes on some businesses and the wealthy.

In Washington state, some majority Democrats also want voters to weigh in on an income tax on high earners.

Idaho’s dominant GOP Legislature and Otter have rejected similar moves.

In his letter, Otter writes that after Oregon voters backed the hike, “My phone started ringing — and so did phones over at our Department of Commerce.”

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