No surprise: Multnomah County one of nation’s most liberal

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As Multnomah County goes, so goes the state of Oregon.  We have our work cut out for us!

From Jeff Mapes at the Oregonian:

Multnomah County is the nation’s 16th most liberal county, according to the Daily Caller.

You have to figure that a county where Barack Obama beat John McCain 77 percent to 20 percent should get somewhere high up on the list.  Also not surprisingly, the Daily Caller tended to reach for the easy cliches about Portland in its description:

Portland is the design model for every left-wing urban strategist (and most urban planners are liberal). Its Urban Growth Boundary creates green belts designed to increase development density (they also increases the price of housing due to lower supply). It is one of the top “microbrewery liberal” cities, a place that despite its idolization of diversity is still about 80 percent white. Like lots of other places in the Pacific Northwest, environmentalism verges upon being a religion. Grist magazine named Portland the second most environmentally friendly city in the world.

Not surprisingly, Multnomah County also tops the list for several not-so-admirable “unintended consequences” of liberal policies:

Higher Property Taxes Destroy Multnomah County Home Prices

Multnomah County mortgage defaults up 26% between fourth and first quarters, set new high

Portland’s cost of living is 9.09% Higher than the U.S. average

America’s unhappiest city according to Bloomberg: Portland, OR

Renewable Energy Costs Passed On To Utility Customers

Taxpayer Funded Light Rail Costs 554 Times More Than Rapid Bus Alternative

Public Employee Unions Corrupting Oregon Politics

Tax Vote Fallout: Oregon Businesses leaving, closing

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