Anti-Tea Party Teacher Back in the Classroom

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Can you imagine if he had done the same thing to a liberal group, making death threats and encouraging identity theft?  There’s no way they’d allow him to ever set foot in a classroom again!

Fox News reports


The anti-Tea Party middle school teacher who is the focus of two investigations on allegations that include inciting hate speech, attempted orchestration of mass identity theft and misuse of school property is back teaching in his classroom.

Jason Levin was taken off administrative leave at Conestoga Middle School on Monday while the Beaverton, Ore., School District’s internal investigation continues, said district spokeswoman Maureen Wheeler.

But some parents are asking why Levin, who publicly called Tea Party supporters a bunch of “racists, homophobes and morons” and announced his intention to dress up as Hitler to infiltrate rallies in order to “demolish” the Tea Party, should be allowed to teach in their school’s media lab.

In a post on his now defunct “Crash the Tea Party” website, Levin called on his supporters to attend Tea Party rallies and gather as many participants’ Social Security numbers as possible.

Last week, the Oregon Tea Party said it did not want Levin to lose his job and that they’d welcome him back if he underwent anger management therapy and they received an apology from him and the school district. But concerned parents and Tea Party members say they never heard back from the district, and now they’re taking a harsher tone, demanding an explanation for Levin’s reinstatement.

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