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After tax hike, decreasing revenue has left Oregon with $563 million budget deficit

May 27, 2010 by


You mean raising taxes and driving businesses out of the state actually made revenues DECREASE? *Head slap* Who could see THAT one coming? When will they ever learn their lesson? From the Oregonian: Shock waves from the recession continue to wreak havoc in Oregon, punching a big hole in the state budget and prompting Gov. […]

Oregon’s spending problem drives up deficits as Dems propose more tax increases

May 21, 2010 by


Tax and spend.  Spend and tax.  Oregon Democrats once again flaunt their ignorance of the basic principles of economics. They passed Measures 66 & 67, which has driven away taxpaying businesses and jobs for taxpaying employees.   Now they wonder why their revenues are down, why schools are facing serious budget shortfalls, and why essential services […]

New Portland Police Chief: “We’re peacekeepers, not law enforcement”

May 13, 2010 by


Now they’re emasculating our police force! “I believe we are peacekeepers, not law enforcement, and that’s my goal.” Why doesn’t he just come out and say, “Attention criminals, our ‘peacekeepers’ will no longer be using lethal force against you, so have a nice day (and please, pretty please, don’t shoot)!” If you want to know […]

Envirostatists introduce “Carbon Challenge” game to indoctrinate Oregon middle schoolers

May 11, 2010 by


“Players make decisions about GHG-emitting behaviors and consider how to budget a fair share of “carbon emissions”.  What exactly do they consider your “fair share”?  Whatever the government decides??? Western Institute for Study of the Environment Commentary reports: Propagandizing your kids with your tax dollars, courtesy Oregon State University Note the following authentic email (names […]

Oregon drops 14 places in annual “Best and Worst States for Business 2010″

May 7, 2010 by


We can thank Measures 66 & 67 for this year’s plumment in our state’s business climate. From the Oregon House Republicans: “In Chief Executive’s annual survey of best and worst states for business, conducted in late January of this year, 651 CEOs across the U.S. again gave Texas top honors, closely followed by North Carolina, […]