New Portland Police Chief: “We’re peacekeepers, not law enforcement”

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Now they’re emasculating our police force!

“I believe we are peacekeepers, not law enforcement, and that’s my goal.”

Why doesn’t he just come out and say, “Attention criminals, our ‘peacekeepers’ will no longer be using lethal force against you, so have a nice day (and please, pretty please, don’t shoot)!”

If you want to know how effective “peacekeepers” are, just look at the UN’s forces. When push comes to shove, like Rwanda, they’re basically REQUIRED to tuck tail and run! Here’s another argument for the 2nd Amendment if I ever heard one. If the cops aren’t allowed to use lethal force to protect you, then you sure better be able to defend yourself!

Portland’s new police chief made a point to carve out a new philosophy for the Portland Police Bureau that centers on peacekeeping after being appointed to the job by Portland’s mayor on Wednesday.

“We try and resolve every situation in a peaceful manner,” Chief Mike Reese said after Mayor Sam Adams fired former Chief Rosie Sizer and named him the new leader of the bureau. “I believe we are peacekeepers, not law enforcement, and that’s my goal.”

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Adams is reacting to several officer-related deaths in the Portland area under Sizer’s watch.  The first was James Chasse Jr., a schizophrenic who died of his injuries after a tangle with police.   (Everybody wrings their hands over his death, but nobody asks why such a disturbed individual in need of serious intervention and supervision was left to wander out on the streets in the first place – the result of our own relaxed laws on institutionalizing the mentally ill.)

The second was Aaron Campbell, a young black man who was distraught over the death of his brother and whose family had told police was armed and suicidal.   When he reached for his waistband and started running away, police shot him in the back, fearful that he was about to seek cover and start shooting at them.   His family cried it was racism, and Jesse Jackson (always the opportunist), arrived to help inflame even more protests.  Local news reports repeatedly referred to the fact that he was shot in the back, often without elaborating on WHY.

There have been other incidents, such as a homeless man who was shot after he kept approaching police with a knife, and a 12-year-old female gang member who was shot with a bean bag gun for physically assaulting a police officer (who was almost her same height).

But the fact remains, when you start telling people that the cops aren’t going to use force, you remove their motive to comply and only serve to create MORE incidents like this, where people get hurt because they refuse to obey police, and officers are forced to react.

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