Citizen Assaulted for Filming Governor John Kitzhaber Event

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An Oregon Tea Party activist went to a “Meet and Greet” public event hosted by Democrat Gubernatorial candidate (and ex-governor) John Kitzhaber, and was assaulted when he exercised his 1st Amendment right to film the proceedings.

They tried to claim that KOIN (a local news station) had exclusive rights to film (KOIN has since denied this is true and is demanding an apology for the inference).  Then they claimed it was church policy to ban cameras (again, untrue).  The truth is, they probably didn’t want whatever Kitzhaber said to end up in the next viral YouTube video or Republican campaign ad.  Backfired big time!

This is just another example of the Ruling Class’ assault on basic constitutional rights.  If this is how Zitzhaber allows his staff to treat constituents – before he’s even elected – we want NO PART of it!  Dudley for Governor!

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The story has been picked up by Breitbart’s Big Government and is starting to go national.

Wish we could say this is an isolated event, but the examples of political figures in the Northwest treating their constituents with absolute disdain and contempt are growing:

Elitist City Council Members censor, shout down constituents

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