Assailant at Kitzhaber event was former Portland mayoral candidate

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Why am I not surprised?

 Chris Lostaglia reports at the Examiner:

If you are not familiar with the shenanigans and brutality of Chicago politics, fear not, the violent politics of the Windy City have finally blown into Portland. Welcome, Portlanders, to the era of thug politics.

The event started with an hour long meet and greet followed by a Q & A session where the guests were to answer pre-formulated questions posed to them by a pre-selected panel. During the meet and greet segment many people were walking around freely with video recording devices. But, about ten minutes into the Q &A, an announcement was made by the event moderator that video recording was not allowed—even though the event was being streamed live by KOIN-6 News.

The activist was then asked by two different men to cease his recording. The activist refused to desist, stating that he had a First Amendment right to record the event due to the public nature of the proceedings.

“It was an open-to-the-public event. There were public figures speaking there and they had no restrictions on taping in any way, written or otherwise until that point” the activist stated in a telephone interview on Friday.

The first man to try to forcibly take the camera was Charles McGee, one of the event’s planners. After some discussion, McGee told the activist “You’re going to stop filming and you’re going to leave.” Soon after, McGee reaches out, grabs the camera but fails to get it from the activist. McGee efforts were joined by James Posey, a 2004 candidate for Portland Mayor, and the two men flanked the videographer on opposite sides. At some point, Posey reaches up swiftly and smashes the camera into the activist’s face.

After the assault, the activist removed himself from the church building and called the police, who are, as of Friday, investigating the incident.

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Citizen Assaulted for Filming Governor John Kitzhaber Event

Charles McGee passes himself off as an upstanding citizen who, in addition to his work with the African American Alliance, is Executive Director of “The Black Parent Initiative”.   He is featured in the introductory video on their website.  Wonder if his clientele are aware that he apparently considers it OK to play “bad cop” and rough around the opposition in his off hours?

The liberal media in Portland finally picked up the story, but it appears only so they could blame the victim (the comments from many of their readers are even more disturbing):

Video of altercation at event attended by Kitzhaber goes viral

Lawyer: Even at public event 1st Amendment has limits

Politics as a Contact Sport: Videographer Gets Slugged During Kitzhaber Speech

The only coverage that seemed remotely balanced was this clip from KATU’s evening news (the story was buried in their 11pm newscast).

The original video also shows one individual threatening that if the activist doesn’t stop filming, “there’s going to be a mess” – something none of the reporters have picked up on.  In case they’ve been living under a rock for the past century, “messy” is thug lingo for taking matters into their own hands – usually with physical force – rather than calling in the proper authorities.

The concept the media seems unable to grasp is simply this: even if they had a right to ban or claim exclusive rights to filming at a public political event (debatable at best), and even if they asked him nicely to stop, they are NEVER permitted to resort to PHYSICAL ASSAULT  – PERIOD.

If he was TRULY breaking the rules, they could have called the cops, asked for the tape to be confiscated, or taken him to court.  But they had NO right to lay a hand him!

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