Americans For Prosperity team up with Oregon Tea Party to protest Obama visit

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Randi Kainz, Deborah Gerritzen, and Rosie Gagnon

Obama was in Portland yesterday to stump for Kitzhaber in his gubernatorial campaign, and Americans For Prosperity and the Oregon Tea Party were there to greet him.   Obama’s appearance has been the “kiss of death” for other Democrat candidates, so there’s reason to hope we may still win this tight race.

KGW was the only news station that gave AFP decent coverage in their evening broadcast, while the others gave us just a passing blip.

AFP issued an official statement about the event:

What a day in Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington!

For weeks now President Obama has been attacking Americans for Prosperity derisively asking “who we are” and denigrating grassroots activists like you.

Well, today in Portland at 12:00 Noon we held an “I am AFP” rally to greet the President who arrived in town for his own speech.  CLICK HERE FOR PICTURES

And, click here to see the USA Today article headlined “Obama to see Americans for Prosperity in Portland.”

We showed the President that AFP are folks from all walks of life united by their determination to protect our economic freedoms and take our nation in a different more prosperous direction.

They also released a slideshow of photos from the rally.

I was unfortunately unable to join my fellow activists, but I heartily support their efforts and am proud to share these candid shots taken by my patriot friend Randi Kainz:

Jeff Kropf with my friend Jeff Reynolds speaking

My friend Roxanne Ross on the far right

Obama again takes aim at Americans For Prosperity

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