People’s Republic of Oregon bucks national trend towards conservatism

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While we certainly celebrated Republican victories across the country, election night was bittersweet for conservatives in Oregon.  These small pockets of blue managed to override the voters in the rest of the state once again.

Multnomah County, home to the People’s Republic of Portland, is the most liberal in the state of Oregon, but it’s also the most populated. So whichever way MultCo goes, so goes the entire state.  Between the tree-hugging hippies on the government dole, the public sector unions, and a generous helping of illegal voters and other voter fraud, it’s a formidable force to deal with.  There were several fantastic candidates that the Republican Party underfunded because they considered them a lost cause, so it was up to the grassroots to scrounge every penny (all while being accused of taking funds from “corporate interests”)!

Oregon Tea Party, Americans for Prosperity and others worked tirelessly to try and get out the vote for true conservatives, but unfortunately we got soundly beaten. Oregonians just aren’t ready to learn what the rest of the country already knows: Socialism DOESN’T WORK!

Bruce McCain breaks down the results on Victoria Taft’s blog:

At first glance, the Republican tidal wave that swept across America last Tuesday failed to affect Oregon. Heading into Tuesday’s general election, Oregon, Washington and California comprised the Left Coast’s self-described “firewall” against Tea Party intrusion. So how blue does Oregon look after Tuesday’s general election?

Seen from Capitol Hill, Oregon looks as blue as John Kitzhaber’s jeans after every incumbent congressional member won re-election. Senator Ron Wyden earned another six years of commuting between Washington DC and his Oregon mailing address by thumping Jim Huffman, whose 40% showing was underwhelming this election year. Democrat Peter DeFazio won a surprisingly tough 54%-45% victory over Art Robinson in Southern Oregon’s CD-4. In the other two closely watched congressional races, Democrat incumbents Kurt Schrader (CD-5) and David Wu (CD-1) held off challenges by Scott Bruun and Rob Cornilles, respectively. Both of those congressional districts have been held by Democrats since 1975 and Oregonians failed to reverse that trend. In Portland’s 3rd congressional district, Democrat incumbent Earl Blumenauer predictably flattened out-of-district Delia Lopez. The southern Oregon resident’s Tea Party platform may have sounded great to Victoria Taft listeners, but her ads fell on deaf ears as Lopez struggled to a 25% showing in a district with more non-affiliated voters than registered Republicans.

So Oregon’s congressional delegation remains the same with two Democratic senators and four of five Democratic representatives. But the biggest winner in the bunch turned out to be the lone Republican, Rep. Greg Walden. When Blumenauer, Schrader, DeFazio and Wu return to the Capitol, they will be met by Walden, who was tapped as leader of the Republican transition team. Oregon’s four Democrats will take their seats as members of the minority party.

In state-wide races, Democrat Ted Wheeler beat Republican Chris Telfer to become the fifth consecutive Democratic state treasurer. And of course, John Kitzhaber became the governor of Multnomah County after losing in 29 of 36 counties in the closest gubernatorial race in a generation. Kitzhaber’s return to Mahonia Hall extends Democratic occupancy to 28 years, while continuing Democrats’ dominance in state-wide races due to the Multnomah Effect.

Many people were so discouraged they’ve talked about moving to a redder state, but in reality that’s the WORST thing they could do!   We need MORE conservatives to move to the state, not less!   People don’t realize how close we came to taking back the state.  If Dudley had gotten even 40% of the vote in Multnomah county, that would have been enough to put him over the top.   That means that if we could shift the balance of power in Multnomah County just 10% to the right, we could take back the county, and with it, the state. That’s our goal for 2012, boys and girls. 🙂

Also, there’s plenty of good news when it comes to the Oregon Legislature.  The long winter of the Democrat Supermajority in Oregon is OVER!

Though the Left Coast firewall successfully absorbed the brunt of the conservative wave, the residual red tide had to go somewhere. As it turns out, it followed its natural course and flowed and seeped to the local legislative races where it produced an astounding result. One week ago Democrats enjoyed legislative supermajorities in both chambers. They awoke Wednesday to discover Oregonians had dumped a mass of Red tea into their Blue pot, leaving a Purple legislature comprised of a 30-30 split in the house and a narrow16-14 Democratic senate.

We on the Left coast are disappointed and embarrassed that the rest of the country’s representatives are going to have to restrain ours for another election cycle.

Other than that, was a great victory for the country! And best of all, NO MORE POLITICAL ADS!!

The race for 2010 is over. The race for 2012 begins NOW. We’ve got two years to lay the groundwork for turning this state around. All hands on deck!

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