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The Curious Case Of David Wu

February 20, 2011 by


Author’s note: This post originally appeared at on Feb 20, 2011. Pertinent archives are being migrated to this new blog. Now that the national media has picked up the story of David Wu’s instability, it’s time to recount all that’s gone on in Oregon since he became our Congressman. You see, the nation is just […]

School Choice Hits Home

February 19, 2011 by


Oregon’s own Tea Party patriot, Kristina Ribali, is the newest contributor at RedState, and her argument for school choice is spot on.  Don’t mess with momma bears looking out for their cubs! With the release of movies like “Waiting for Superman”, “The Lottery”, and “The Cartel”, more and more Americans are beginning to realize that they must […]

Licensing Gone Wild: Oregon Bureaucrats Shut Down 82-Year-Old Barber

February 8, 2011 by


View on YouTube More assault against the right to earn a living, courtesy of overregulation.  But don’t worry, little citizen, it’s all to keep you “safe”…and unemployed. The CATO Institute reveals how new licensing demands are hurting entrepreneurs and start-up businesses at a time when our economy desperately needs them: “Cat groomers, tattoo artists, tree trimmers and […]