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Eugene City Council members call Pledge of Allegiance ‘divisive’, compare it to ‘Communist Manifesto’

June 28, 2011 by

0 View at Oregon once again makes the national news for losing its collective mind. Fox News reports: An Oregon town’s City Council voted down a proposal to say the Pledge of Allegiance before every council meeting, but later passed a compromise that seemed to make no one happy. The approved measure allows the […]

Union activists storm Oregon state capitol to protest being asked to contribute 5% towards benefits

June 17, 2011 by


Our own version of Wisconsin ramping up here in Oregon? Here’s a video of Oregon state workers storming the capitol building yesterday because *gasp* we want them to contribute 5% towards their own benefits. Oh, the horror! Seriously, they’re behaving like spoiled two-year-old brats. Gotta love how the Zero spins this: Hundreds of state workers […]

Oregon squeezes businesses, taxpayers to maintain its spending addiction

June 1, 2011 by


Oregon’s unemployment rate hovers at a crushing 9.6%.  Democrats want to spend taxpayer money to create infrastructure, government and “green” jobs, while Republicans are pushing for government to reduce onerous regulations and “get out of the way” so businesses can thrive and start hiring.  With a 30/30 split in the the state legislature, the two […]