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Who killed the supercommittee?

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Senator Patty Murray added the GTX into a bill...

Who did it? Who killed the “super – committee”? According to Salon, naturally, it’s all because of the TEA Party. Selecting the most partisan folks they could find (Patty Murray as co-chair? Really? That’s a recipe for success?) had nothing to do with it. Nope – all the darn TEA Party’s fault. The author blathers on about “genuine compromise”, and how that’s become impossible due to the corrosive influence of the darn TEA Party types – apparently, he suffers from selective memory, as he fails entirely to mention all of the compromising the Democratics gyrated themselves through before ramming Obamacare down your throat on a straight party-line vote.

No, the problem is the TEA Party: The_tea_party_the_debt_ceiling_and_white_southern_extremism-460x307

just look at them; it really turns your stomach. With signs reading “Stop Socializing America” and “Size Matters – Reduce Government”, these are clearly some sick, deranged, deluded puppies.

They’re a bunch of racist terrorists who have infected the stalwart Republican Party, whom Salon has steadfastly supported over the years. It’s sad, when one considers that only a year or so ago, Salon writers were holding hands with Republican congressmen as they danced together around a Maypole, singing “Everything Is Beautiful”. Ahh…good times.

But then the TEA Party types went and ruined it with their hateful rhetoric, and Sarah Palin went so far as to re-print a Democrat-produced poster with bulls-eyes over vulnerable Democratic candidates for re-election, and the result was that their hate culminated in the shooting of Gabby Giffords.

Why, do you suppose, does Salon head its diatribe with this? Overhead_openingShot

Hope they aren’t advocating violence, or anything.