Guest Commentary – What Has The Occupy Movement Accomplished?

Posted on November 22, 2011 by


Submitted by Paul Barnett to the Eugene Register Guard:

It’s interesting to me that E. J. Dionne says that the occupy movement has accomplished things that the more established left didn’t. He seems to think that the claim they make to represent 99% of the people of this country, just as their slogan says, is valid, yet for the life of me I can’t find the similarities between this group and the majority of Americans. Most people are either employed or are trying to find employment while the occupy movement appears to have given up on this, if they even tried in the first place. I wonder too, what they have accomplished. Their message seems to be different depending on who you talk to (is it anti-rich, anti-war, anti-establishment, anti-banking, anti-corporation, anti-government, anti-capitalism, pro-redistribution of wealth, pro-anarchy?).

So, what have they actually accomplished? Have they made us focus more on the inequalities in our society as Dionne says? I wonder. Is there another country in the world that the occupy movement can hold up for us to use as a model? Greece? Spain? Italy? Ireland? Is there another nation that has the equality of opportunity that we have? That doesn’t seem to be one of their messages, but rather they seem to want equality of outcome. Is that what 99% of the people of the United States want? I doubt it.