Occupy Wall Street: A One-Sign Summary

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Editor’s note: This originally appeared on the blog of our newest contributor, Matt of theunlikelyconservative.blogspot.com.

It’s been over a month since I posted my little rant about the hypocrisy of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Based on the signs I saw on the news the day I shot it, the protesters were out there rallying against corporate greed (whatever that is). But 700,000+ views later, along with several death threats and literally hundreds of comments calling me the most vile names you can imagine, I still haven’t heard a succinct explanation of what exactly the OWS movement is trying to do. I’ve received dozens of different explanations as to what they’re protesting and what they’re trying to accomplish. Probably time to re-group and work up a little mission statement? I think so.

But then I was forwarded a picture (which originally appeared at pjmedia.com). The picture really does sum up the entire movement:

This image is incredibly powerful. Look at it again. Read it again.

I’m starting to think we really are screwed. Throughout the OWS movement, I’ve been heartened by messages I’ve received, from people of all ages, who dismiss these protesters as a very loud, entitled minority with a pervasive victim mentality, out there shouting and trying to out-do each others’ pithy signs, while the rest of us fulfill our responsibilities by working hard and being accountable for our own success or failure. But looking at this picture makes me nervous.

Anyway, there you have it. Happy belated Thanksgiving. Drop me a comment below; tell me how you feel about this image…

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