An Increasingly Common Refrain – Is Anyone At Metro Listening?

Posted on December 4, 2011 by


I don’t want to work at a place that says I can’t think.” So says former US Border Patrol field agent Bryan Gonzales, who was recently fired for having the audacity to express his thoughts to a fellow agent, in private.

Stationed in Deming, N.M., Mr. Gonzalez was in his green-and-white Border Patrol vehicle just a few feet from the international boundary when he pulled up next to a fellow agent to chat about the frustrations of the job. If marijuana were legalized, Mr. Gonzalez acknowledges saying, the drug-related violence across the border in Mexico would cease. He then brought up an organization called Law Enforcement Against Prohibition that favors ending the war on drugs.

The agent ratted him out, and in due time a termination letter arrived that said Mr. Gonzalez held “personal views that were contrary to core characteristics of Border Patrol Agents, which are patriotism, dedication and esprit de corps.”

Talk about governmental thought-control….

Unfortunately, this situation is far from unique – and is especially prevalent in government agencies, where the disconnect from reality has grown exponentially in recent years. Despite their extensive lip-service to the importance and value of “diversity”, and despite their standard requirements for mandatory indoctrinationdiversity training classes, in fact nothing could be less important to them.

Diversity of opinion and independent thought are abhorrent to them; such attributes are viewed as dangerous and disruptive.

When they speak of the importance of diversity, what they really mean is that they value racial and gender-specific characteristics. They seek balance: they want a black male robot, a black female robot, a latino robot, a latina robot, a lesbian robot, a homosexual male robot, a transgendered robot, a bisexual robot, a male Indian robot, a female Indian robot…perhaps, maybe, even the occasional white male robot.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. famously and forcefully spoke of his dream: of a day when his children would be judged not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. Yet while Government recently dedicated a statue in Washington, D.C. in his honor, Government at every level systematically works to undermine everything that he stood for.

They have institutionalized racism, and extended it to include gender and sexual identification, while marginalizing and obliterating at every turn the one thing which Dr. King extolled: the content of the individual’s character. Rather than the color-blind society envisioned by Dr. King, Govenment bureaucrats work to ensure that a color-bound society emerges.

Independent thought and diversity of opinion are therefore unapproved.

You simply need additional “education”.

Where does this lead?

In some agencies, such as the US Border Patrol, expressing thoughts gets you fired.

In other agencies, such as Metro, You’re simply ignored.

Yesterday, at the Metro sub-agency Oregon Zoo, a giraffe was euthanized. It appears that, despite warnings issued by two staff members with some 80 years of animal care experience, those warnings were ignored. Result: as warned, the animal collapsed, was euthanized, cut into garbage-bag-sized pieces, and hauled away.

Naturally, The Zero ran a short puff-piece. The Columbian at least acknowledged that it was re-printing a press release from the agency’s P.R. department. With wind-chill, temps through most of the day at that location ran around 41.0 to 41.5 degrees on Friday, Dec. 02. It appears that in contravention of the recommendations of experienced, long-term staff who might be expected to understand the issues relating to the animal, zoo managers chose to place the animal into a cold and wet environment; expressing surprise and dismay when the inevitable occurred.

Independent thought (by underlings) is unapproved.