Occupy Portland Strikes A Blow Against The 1%! Oh, wait …

Posted on December 13, 2011 by


Hey, who knew there was a Wall Street in Harrisburg, Oregon?

You know who is ruining the world for the little guy?

Grass seed farmers! Let’s get ’em!

From today’s Albany Democrat Herald:

Mid-valley grass-seed wholesalers and trucking companies got burned when Occupy Wall Street protesters descended on the Port of Portland on Monday.

“I think the occupiers are fast becoming the 1 percent, and the rest of us that are trying to make a living are becoming the 99 percent,” said Galen Troyer, the general manager of Halsey-based wholesaler Smith Seed. “I don’t know what they’re trying to prove.”

The company dispatched three trucks to the Port of Portland Monday morning, loaded with grass seed destined for export to Asia, Europe and South America. Each rig was scheduled to make two trips, but they were all turned back at the gate by demonstrators who shut down two shipping terminals at the Portland docks.

By Troyer’s reckoning, Monday’s protest cost him $5,000 to $6,000 in product invoices plus $2,000 to $3,000 in driver wages. He figures he’ll probably wind up paying another $1,500 in overtime to get the delayed loads delivered, and there could be other expenses that are harder to calculate.

This movement has been shown time and time again NOT to represent the 99%. The movement has had its big government, class warfare, marxist roots exposed over and over again.

Evidently, the 99% are beginning to agree:

Alvie Shrock, a driver for J&J Truck in Halsey, left for Portland’s Terminal 6 long before dawn, hoping to drop his load before the Occupy protesters got there. But they beat him to the punch, and he was forced to turn back.

He was hauling 50,000 pounds of hay, a byproduct of grass seed production that mid-valley growers have worked hard to develop export markets for. It was scheduled to be sent to Korea for livestock feed but is now stacked up with all the other shipments that got diverted by the protesters.

Shrock said he can sympathize with Occupy demonstrators upset by Wall Street excesses and federal bank bailouts. But if they’re trying to overturn America’s free-market capitalist system, he said, they can count him out. [emphasis added]

“The Constitution gives us the right to the pursuit of happiness,” Shrock said, putting the accent on the word “pursuit.” “It doesn’t guarantee us an iPod or an iPad or a big-screen TV.”

Read that highlighted quote again. Even the exploited, overworked workers of the world understand that freedom is the best system for EVERYONE to pursue their own happiness. It appears that the Occupy movement’s attempts at “education” are falling on deaf ears.

Reminder: The Oregonian is not just a Portland newspaper. It has statewide distribution. Typically, they only cover seed farms when someone complains about field burning. Let’s see if they cover the impact this protest has had on the communities dependent on the ports for their livelihood.