Beware the Taqiyya of "Moderate" Muslims

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Saba Ahmed, "Moderate" Muslim and Democratic Congressional Candidate for CD-1

Originally posted at ThoughtsFromAConservativeMom on July 8, 2011

I had an instructive exchange with a “moderate” Muslim on the Oregon Tea Party Facebook page yesterday.  She’s a graduate of Portland State University in Electrical Engineering.  She’s the owner of her own LLC and the self-proclaimed President of “Defense of Human Rights” in Portland.

Ahmed has a documented history of mental illness and a habit of stalking conservative and Republican web pages and meetings.  After Osama Bin Laden’s death in May, Ahmed claimed she had to cancel a fictitious rally in Pioneer Courthouse Square (which she never advertised or got a permit for), falsely asserting that she had received threats on the Oregon Tea Party Facebook page.

On her website, she includes pictures of herself posing with top Democrats in Oregon, including Governor John Kitzhaber, former governor Ted Kulongoski, senators Jeff Merkely and Ron Wyden, and other movers and shakers of the Democratic party.  As an activist with Emerge Oregon, she describes herself as a lobbyist and has expressed an interest in running for congress.  (UPDATE: Ahmed removed the photographic evidence of her Democratic ties when she lost her primary bid for CD1 and decided to switch her registration to Republican.)

Keep in mind that under the Islamic principle of Taqiyya, Muslims are permitted to deceive non-Muslims in order to advance the cause of Islam.  As “moral” as Muslims claim to be, the truth is that Mohammed taught his followers that when it comes to furthering their agenda to bring the entire world under submission to Sharia, the ends justify the means.

Our discussion began with this link I posted on the Oregon Tea Party page, in which MSNBC’s Religious Expert Excoriates ‘Radical,’ ‘Theocratic’ Christians Who ‘Hate’ America.

Read and learn from her response:

Saba (“Moderate Muslim”):

Sounds like the same people who call us radical Islamists… 😉

My Response:

Saba, I respect peaceful Muslims such as yourself, but the truth is, when a so-called “Christian” commits a violent act, they act alone, and they are condemned by their fellow Christians. “Radical Islamists” are well organized and funded, and their actions are often met by the peaceful Muslim community with either silence or excuses. You are making a false comparison.

Here comes the Taqiyya.  Lies 1, 2, and 3 are highlighted.


Rachel, when a Muslim extremist conducts criminal actions, they too act alone and do not represent all 1.6 billion Muslims. We strongly condemn their actions and in no way make excuses or stay silent for them. I spoke out strongly against the criminal actions of Osama bin Laden but our voices don’t always make it to the tabloids like those of radical hate mongers. God Bless!

Notice the words “criminal actions”.   To “moderate” Muslims, “criminal actions” may include some of the more extreme activities of people like Bin Laden, but they still support the jihad, or acts of “defending Islam” against “Infidel aggression”, and do not consider those attacks to be “criminal”.

My Response:

Saba, I never said that Radical Islamist represent all 1.6 billion Muslims. I said that they are well organized and funded – which means they are NOT acting alone (and the moderate Muslim community needs to be MUCH louder in their condemnation of Islamic terrorism, without qualifying it by blaming American foreign policy or providing other excuses to make it look like the victims had it coming. Organizations such as CAIR are notorious for this).

Hezbollah, Hamas, Lashkar-e-Toiba, the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda…the list of organized, well-funded Islamic terror groups keeps growing. These groups are large enough to topple entire countries and take over governments. There is NOTHING on the “Christian” side that even comes close.

Can you name even ONE similar organized “Christian” terror group? Can you give me ONE example of a supposed “Christian” suicide bomber, shooter or terrorist who was trained, bankrolled and supported by an entire organization dedicated to “Christian” terrorism?

Now we get to the real issue, where she contradicts her claim that she doesn’t make excuses for terrorist groups, by blaming American foreign policy and equating American troops with Al Qaeda.  Notice that she doesn’t condemn the groups I just mentioned.  Instead, she tries to imply that the American military is, in fact, the equivalent of these terrorist organizations:


United States Military and CIA are the most well funded Christian organizations that regularly conduct crimes against humanity all around the world. Currently we are killing / murdering people in Libya, Syria, Yemen, Palestine, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq. etc. with our drones, missiles, bombs, etc. 

What is the practical difference between a soldier who kills and an Alqaida operative the kills??? Both in God’s eyes are taking sacred life…

See what she’s doing?  Even so-called “Moderate”  Muslims consider terrorists to simply be soldiers in a war, no different than our troops.  They consider them the moral equivalent.   They also recognize no distinction between church and state (since their religion allows no distinction), which means that our armies are, by definition, “Christian”, and our civilians are, by definition, accomplices in this war who merit no special protections.

My response:

That’s where you’re wrong, Saba. The United States is not a “Christian” country because it has no official state religion, and government organizations do NOT represent the religion of any particular segment of America’s citizens. Our government policies are not based on religious arguments like Islamic countries and terrorist groups’ policies are. 

I know this is difficult for many Muslims to understand because Islam is just as much a political ideology (if not more so) as it is a religion, and in Islam there is no separation between religion and state. Christianity, however, is NOT a political ideology, and there IS a distinct boundary in this country drawn between the role of religion and the role of the state. American laws are not religious laws. American foreign policy is not “Christian” policy. 

I know that was not the case 1000 years ago during the Crusades, when European armies who DID have official state churches used religion to recruit soldiers and create so-called “Christian” armies. But in America, the two are completely separate. 

Also, the European “Christian” armies were obviously NOT following the example or teachings of Jesus, who NEVER used a sword and taught his followers to turn the other cheek. Mohammed, on the other hand, was a fierce warrior who spread his religion by conquest, so Muslims who create “Islamic” armies ARE, in fact, following their prophet’s example and teachings. 

And Saba, by equating American Soldiers with Al Qaeda operatives you ARE making excuses for their behavior, legitimizing terrorists as “warriors”, and NOT actually condemning them. Thank you for finally being honest.

On a side note: I left out the explanation of why things like national defense, self defense, and defending one’s home and family do not violate Jesus admonition to be peacemakers.  That’s a whole other theological discussion unto itself.  Suffice it to say that while Jesus taught us to turn the other cheek when it comes to persecution so that our loving response will win our tormentors to Christ, that does not mean we are not permitted to defend ourselves against criminal attacks or should allow invading armies and terrorists to simply come in and slaughter the innocent.   We have a moral obligation to defend innocent life, even when it means meeting violence with violence or fighting wars.

Saba’s next statement is especially revealing.


I completely agree with you that American Military & CIA are not following Christian / any other Godly guidance… they are merely picking up guns for no good reason… May God help America find its humanity! Amen!

Did you catch that?  She STILL does not recognize that our armies do not fight in the name of any religion.  She twists my words to imply that they are simply not following the “guidance” of God properly.  In other words, she believes they ARE a religious army, but an infidel one, and hypocritical in the practice of their religion, at that!

She also seeks to convince me that “they are merely picking up guns for no good reason”. In other words, the Radical Islamists we are fighting are NOT a threat, but are, in fact, victims of western aggression.

Someone tell me how this doesn’t qualify as “making excuses” for terrorists, or on what planet this could be considered “condemning” their actions, as she claimed earlier?

My Response:

Saba, the American military are not “merely picking up guns for no good reason.” Taqiyya doesn’t pass for truth here.  

But let’s not forget – even if America brought all our troops home tomorrow and changed all our foreign policies they way these terrorist groups want, they would STILL be trying to destroy us. Why? Because they believe that the ultimate goal of Islam is for the entire world to submit to Sharia Law. Their complaints about American foreign policy are just a smoke screen. They will oppose any foreign policy in which we fight to defend our interests against their goal of conquest. 

“Moderate” Muslim organizations such as CAIR would never strap on a suicide bomb, but they wage the jihad of public relations (i.e., taqiyya), to convince Americans to become good little dhimmis and not to fight back even when it’s in their interest to do so. 

This would include seemingly harmless “moderates” like Saba, who is clearly trying to use this strategy in our discussion.

My Response, continued:

The Left are willing accomplices in this appeasement (they also opposed America defending itself against Communist aggression), but conservatives know better. We will not be dhimmis. We will not submit to Sharia Law. We have a right to defend our national interests, and we will have no shame in doing so.

This is what passes for “moderate” Islam in America.  It’s time for us to wake up and realize they are not as “moderate” as they sound, and they have a very clear agenda to deceive Americans regarding their ultimate intentions and convince us not to resist.

Here’s the screen shot of the pertinent points:

The three main points the West needs to understand about Islam are:

1. Islam has not been hijacked

2. It is every Muslim’s duty to work towards advancing worldwide Sharia Law, until every nation on earth submits to Islam.

3. Taqiyya: Muslims are permitted to deceive non-Muslims in order to advance Islam

UPDATE: I stumbled across Saba commenting on a mutual friend’s page, complaining that I had blocked her from the Oregon Tea Party page after her comments:


I was not spying but merely trying to reach out to the Republicans to dispel the myths of Islam. Sadly, Oregon Tea Party delisted me from their website which just goes to show the narrow mindedness and hate directed towards me personally. 

“Dispel the myths of Islam?”  Like the “myths” that so-called “moderate” Muslims in truth do NOT condemn the actions of terrorist organizations, make excuses for terrorists (like blaming American foreign policy), consider our troops to be the moral equivalent of Al Qaeda, and are permitted by the doctrine of taquiyya to deliberately deceive non-Muslims if it advances the cause of Islam?

If one wants to dispel “myths” about Islam and “reach out” to those across the aisle, trolling your opponent’s websites and making deceptive and contradictory claims is a bad place to start!

My Response:

Saba, I am the moderator who blocked you from the Oregon Tea Party, for three reasons: 1) comparing American troops to Al Qaeda terrorists, claiming there is no moral difference between them, 2) Your duplicitous comments which claimed that you did not make excuses for terrorism, and then turning around and doing exactly that, and 3) making it abundantly clear that you are NOT a member of the Tea Party, but are, in fact, a Democratic activist troll stalking the page for the sole purpose of interjecting your own deceptive agenda when the opportunity arises. 

There are consequences for deceptive behavior, and one of them is that you are no longer welcome by the people whose trust you have violated. The fact that you blame “narrow mindedness” and “hate” proves to me that you have no intention of taking personal responsibility or changing your tactics. Thank you for confirming that I have made the right decision in banning you from deliberately misleading our members any further.

UPDATE: Saba Ahmed is officially running for Oregon’s 1st Congressional seat, to replace David Wu.  Wonder what her potential constituents would think about the fact that she equates US Soldiers to Al Qaeda terrorists?

UPDATE II: After losing her primary bid for CD1 as a Democrat, Ahmed decided to switch her registration to Republican.

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