Left condemns anti-Muslim bigotry, ignores anti-Christian bigotry

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A crackpot pastor in Florida with only a few dozen followers decided to claim his 15 minutes of fame by announcing his plan to burn the Koran on September 11th, and the media dutifully came running to  broadcast his idiocy as if it were even remotely representative of mainstream Christianity (even as churches across the country condemn it).

General Patraeus considered it necessary to warn the public that such a provacative action could put our troops in further danger, and I applaud him for standing up.   But just to make sure that this obscure nutcase got international notoriety (or perhaps to cement their own), the State Department felt the need to throw their own two cents in.

It’s nice that they want to defend Muslims and the Koran against an obvious act of bigotry.   But where are these moral crusaders when it’s the Christian faith that’s being skewered?

When two muslim boys urinated and spit on a Bible before setting it on fire, did you hear international condemnation?   Did you even hear about it at all?

When an artist in Glasgow created a publicly funded exhibition where participants were encouraged to deface the Bible by scribbling profanity on it and tearing pages out, did you hear a peep of protest from the Left?

When an artist submerged a crucfix in a jar of urine and declared it “art” at taxpayer expense, did you see Christians rioting in the streets?

When the Virgin Mary was depicted smeared with elephant dung, did you see Leftist newspaper editors going out of their way to avoid printing the image for fear of “offending” Christians?

When activists defaced churches and issued death threats because they didn’t like the results of the Prop 8 vote in California, did you hear Christians calling for their heads?

Not all religions are treated equally by the Left when it comes to bigotry.   When Islam is being insulted, they rise up in righteous indignation.  But when Christians are the target de jour, they remain eerily silent (or worse, are themselves the perpetrators).

Just the suggestion of burning the Koran has Muslims rioting in the streets from Jakarta to Kabul.   The Left goes out of their way to avoid offending Muslims because they know that the backlash will probably be violent – even as they trumpet Islam as the “religion of peace”.

But the Left knows that when Christianity is insulted – the religion they love to smear as “intolerant” – the worst response they’ll get is an angry letter to the editor.

Would it suprise them to learn that Muslims are the LEAST targeted religious group when it comes to hate crimes in the US (Muslims, 7.7%, Christians, 8.4%, Jews, an incredible 65.7%)?   Do they even care?

Their silence is deafening, and their hypocrisy speaks for itself.

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