Wisconsin Election ‘Accountability Board’ to Accept Mickey Mouse, Hitler Signatures on Recall Petitions

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They’re called the “Government Accountability Board”, ostensibly because it’s their job to make sure petition signatures are valid.  But at a recent hearing, board members testified that so long as a signature is accompanied by the correct date and a Wisconsin address, it is automatically considered valid – even if the name is “Mickey Mouse” or “Adolf Hitler”.

From the MacIver Institute:

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In order to have such ridiculous signatures questioned, volunteers for Gov. Walker or other independent groups will have to comb through thousands of signatures themselves to catch them and then contest their legitimacy – all before the deadline.

So let me get this straight: Wisconsin taxpayers are paying the salaries of a “Government Accountability Board,” which refuses to hold the petition process accountable for obvious cases of fraud.  It falls instead to volunteer citizens to do their job for them.

And people wonder why record numbers of Americans now distrust and fear Big Government more than any other sector of society?

States across the country are trying to institute strict voter ID laws to prevent such rampant fraud.   But Democrats continue to decry them as “discriminatory”, claiming that requiring a valid ID to vote is akin to “Jim Crow laws”.

Yep, you caught us red-handed, Democrats.  We proudly support discrimination against cartoon characters and dead foreign dictators.  Oh, the horror!

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