California, Here We Come!

Posted on December 17, 2011 by


The California Air Board’s latest proposal involves all but eliminating combustion-powered vehicles within the next thirty to forty years by requiring escalating percentages of new vehicles sold in the state to be so-called “Zero Emission Vehicles” (yet another government lie, as plug-in cars obviously derive their power from sources that produce emissions in order to generate electricity. Moreover, fuel cells are prolific emitters of “greenhouse gases” primarily in the form of water vapor).

Further north, environmeddlists aren’t yet ready to take on cars; before they can get around to regulating your mobility, they first need to tackle your home.


So they’ve embarked upon a campaign to scare you into submission.

Picture the width of a human hair. Now imagine a speck of toxic-covered dust that is 1/30thas wide. These are the so-called “fine particulates” – soot – that knocked Tacoma into violation of the Clean Air Act. They mostly come from burning wood, diesel, gasoline and other fuels. And for susceptible people, they can kill.

Notice how they’ve initially demonized wood-smoke, then cleverly linked it to transportation – and other fuels. There is no question in regard to their present (and future) intentions. Bear in mind that these are the same folks who support Obamacare and health-care rationing in general.

For now, they’re perfectly willing to use 70-somethings suffering from COPD in order to further their cynical agenda – the very people who stand to suffer most from rationed health-care. They trust that you’re as stupid as they believe you to be.

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