Attack Of The Overlords

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“Going green” is not a choice any longer. It’s now a requirement –

a cat and a Litter box

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as Washington, D.C. resident Patricia White has discovered to the tune of $2,000. Her crime: emptying “kitty litter” into the garbage, rather than recycling. So hard-core are they in Marion-Berryland that inspectors pawed through her garbage to determine whether or not she was in compliance with their edict.

There is, however, one teeny little problem that the overlords havent taken into account – which is why I’d sue their pants off if they ever tried to pull something like that off over here: their edict is, itself, illegal. Let’s sift through some of the fine stuff:

(1) – while herbivore waste is perfectly compostable, waste from predators and primates is strictly verboten (including bedding), due to potential health risks. This is why waste from ORPRC, predators and primates at the zoo, Guide Dogs for the Blind, and other  such facilities must be bagged and disposed of as trash, or incinerated, or directed into an approved sewage disposal system. Indeed, it’s my understanding that the Guide Dogs facility in Boring sports a larger and more advanced sewage disposal facility than the the town itself.

(2) – the material in question isn’t actually cat-litter; it’s shredded newspaper. Leaving aside the question of whether or not this is, in fact, a higher use of the materials when compared with the manure that many publishers routinely print on the stuff, the cat owner in this case is adhering to standards promulgated by USDA, which the D.C. officials are attempting to violate. Last time I checked, USDA requirements supercede any edicts set forth by wanna-be tinhorn dictators at the local level.

Meanwhile, closer to home…

Washington County’s commissioners turned up their noses over complaints about strong odors wafting from a North Plains composting facility, and plan to approve a request from Nature’s Needs to incorporate food waste from the City of Portland’s forcible “recycling program” on a permanent basis. There would likely be few – if any – complaints if the material in question involved rotting fruits and veggies, but despite spin that The Zero’s press-release copier Dana Tims throws out, these aren’t benign little “food scraps”, as stated in the release. No, these are meats, bones, rotting seafood, and a host of other large items that simply aren’t amenable to stenchless composting. There’s a reason why you don’t just chuck stuff like that into your back-yard compost bin: in addition to the odor and the durability of meats and bones, they also act as vermin magnets.

Tough luck, North Plains residents – you’ll just have to put up with it, because your government overlords don’t give a rat’s heinie about you.

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