The Democrats Are The 1%. Don’t Believe Us? Read Their Words.

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There are times when it helps to come up with new content for the blog, analyzing the facts and interpreting the information available.

And then there are times when the facts just speak for themselves.

The Democrat Party is the party of the 1%. The Republicans wish they could rely on the revenue streams that the Democrats take for granted. (Yes, we are STILL waiting for our check from Big Oil, Big Pharma and The Koch Brothers.)

This from the Chair of the San Diego County (CA) Democrat Facebook page:

“We had a great Democratic Holiday Party this afternoon at the home of Michelle & William Lerach. Over 350 in attendance enjoying the beautiful oceanside mansion in La Jolla. Bill & Michelle were wonderful hosts. Bill gave tours of his incredible art collection. My personal favorite was a visit to the aviary where I fed blueberries to the toucans.”

Huh? Seems pretty onepercentish.

Even some of their supporters are a bit put off, if the comments are any indication.

“not sure this is the best way for Democrats to send Seasons Greatings with 1%’ers Gingrich and Romney breathing down the president’s neck – feeding blueberries to tucans in a millionair’s mansion – but I’m glad you and 350 of your closest friends enjoyed yourself nonetheless. The Lerachs are wonderful hosts.”

Of course, Jess Durfee, Democrat Chair, had a response at the ready:

“Paul – the work Bill Lerach did during his career is important to remember. He won many class-action lawsuits against some of the most corrupt corporations out there – including Enron – returning millions of dollars to the 99% who got ripped off by greedy corporate execs.”

Note the lack of defense of the naked consumerism. Only justification. Because he deserved his wealth because corporations, or something. (Didn’t John Edwards have his skeeze defended with a similar argument? Sorry for the digression …)

Somehow, the Edwardsian defense didn’t exactly assuage the faithful:

“yes – I’m aware of the Lerech’s value. I just have a gut reaction to how the right uses these types of messages and reacted to it. It wasn’t a criticism of the event and I wish i was loved enough by Dems to have been invited. We’re accused of hating the wealthy. Obviously, we don’t hate wealth. We hate injustice, greed and our patriotic values being distorted for political gain.”

Forget the desperation exhibited in defending the cash cow for a moment. Who is Bill Lerach?

He’s not exactly the little guy:

Super-lawyer Bill Lerach, who went to prison after reaching a plea deal with federal prosecutors over a client kickback scheme, is opening his La Jolla estate for a big holiday party, co-hosted by the local Democratic party and the La Jolla Democratic Club

As Don Bauder reported last year, Lerach is “residing comfortably in one of the county’s most luxurious spreads, a cliffside villa in La Jolla. He is worth an estimated $700 million.

“The government made him pay a mere $7.5 million for his crimes.

“The profane, volatile, bullying Scotch guzzler and work addict — now on his fourth marriage — can no longer practice law but is preparing to teach a course at the University of California Irvine School of Law.”

The invitation to the December 18 party posted on ActBlue’s website says, “For the second year in a row, the County Democratic Party will be hosting our holiday event at the stunning cliffside estate of Bill and Michelle Lerach, longtime supporters of Democratic candidates and causes.

“Guests last year were wowed by the incredible architecture, panoramic views, food and drinks, entertainment, and tours of the Lerachs’ art collection. We are delighted to be working with them and the La Jolla Democratic Club to bring you this event again! ”

“The ticket price includes hors d’oeuvres, beer and wine, and nonalcoholic beverages. Proceeds will help San Diego Democrats prepare for next year’s elections.”

Seven. HUNDRED. Million.


Hey Occupy San Diego, how many blueberries did you feed your toucan today?