Travelin’ Man

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For I must be traveling on now 
‘Cause there’s too many places I’ve got to see

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‘Cause I’m as free as a bird now 
And this bird you cannot change

Albeit unintentionally, Skynyrd’s music crystallizes the attitude of “public servants” from POTUS to Portland: tough economic times be damned; they get to travel, and you get to pay for it. Harry Esteve, writing in The Zero, (writing, not reporting – he apparently can’t keep his opinions out of the piece) notes that Oregon spends some $21 million a year on trips for bureaucrats.

It’s too bad that he confined his look to the state bureaucracy.

How much in taxpayer dollars does Metro, for example,  spend on travel?

If we look at one of their sub-units, we see that one manager went to Africa for a month, and a line-worker was sent to Manitoba for a week. And what of the myriad of “conferences” to which they travel – both nationally and abroad – each year? And that’s but one sub-unit of the hydra.

Where government is concerned, there’s no such thing as “recession”.

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