We Tried to Warn You, Mayor Adams – Protester Who Harassed Tea Party Arrested For Spitting in Security Guard’s Face

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During our law-abiding Tea Party rally last April, Leftist radicals came to harass and fling racist, homophobic and vulgar epithets at us and our children.  One of them was a profane protester named Richard Hernandez, seen here flipping the bird at a videographer at  the 2:06 mark (warning: foul language):

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The local media did a complete news blackout, despite several videos of the incident gaining national attention on BreitbartRedStateThe BlazeRed CountyWeasel Zippers,  and Gateway PunditBill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck.

Only a month before, the same radical Leftists had staged an unpermitted rally in Pioneer Square using an illegal bullhorn, in which they advocated for violence.  Hernandez can be seen speaking at the 44 second mark:

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Oregon Tea Party PAC Chairman John Kuzmanich warned Portland Mayor Sam Adams that “silence is consent”, and called on Adams and the Democrats  to condemn their behavior.  Instead, Adams’ silence gave them tacit approval.

When Mayor Adams allowed Occupy Portland to illegally hijack two city parks, Oregon Tea Party condemned the double standard.  Still, he allowed them to break the law with impunity for over a month until they caused thousands of dollars worth of damage and created a tense stand-off with police.   Since then, they have blocked bridges, shut down ports, vandalized property and wreaked havoc all over the city.

Now, one Occupy protester has been arrested for spitting in the face of a security guard.  Who is he?  None other than Richard Hernandez, the same vile protester who was involved in harassing the Tea Party rally last April.

Fox 12 News reports:

Portland Police arrested an Occupy protester for allegedly spitting in a security guard’s face.

Police say 46-year-old Richard Hernandez spit at the Pioneer Place guard’s face at about 3:45 p.m. Sunday.

Hernandez was participating in an Occupy Portland march that started in the South Park Blocks, officers said.

Police booked Hernandez into the Multnomah County Jail.

He’s charged with resisting arrest, harassment and interfering with a police officer.

Will Mayor Adams finally begin to take the Oregon Tea Party’s warnings about these violent “Occupiers” seriously?

Somehow, I doubt it.

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