Oregon Teachers Union Teams Up With Occupy Wall Street – at Taxpayer Expense

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Your tax dollars fund the salaries, which fund the union dues, which are now being used to fund Occupy protests.

Got that?  They’re using YOUR HARD-EARNED MONEY – which is forcibly confiscated – to pay for advancing their Leftist political agenda.

These are also the people who are teaching YOUR CHILDREN to embrace their socialist worldview in every subject, from math (what percent of their income should the “1%” pay to meet their “fair share”?) to revisionist history “social studies”.

When are the American people going to stand up and refuse to pay for the chains they would use to enslave us and our children?

From the Oregon Education Association website:

Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Together
– Occupy Portland
– Occupy Salem
– Occupy Eugene
– Occupy Education
– Occupy Wall Street
– Find a Protest in Your Area

“They got bailed out, we got sold out!” goes a frequent chant in Occupy Together rallies across the country and the world. Masses from all walks of life, even different perspectives on other issues, are coming together in the knowledge that something is wrong: economic inequality. Our nation has plenty of wealth, and it’s been shifting upward for the last 30 years to the top 1%. That has left the bottom 99% with either stagnant or declining wealth.

This is a perfect example of the “Zero Sum” economic fallacy which class warfare feeds upon.  A basic understanding of Economics 101 is desperately needed here.

And as the wealthy have shed their tax burdens onto the rest of us, that has meant less funding for basic infrastructure, public services, and schools. Funding for public education is our way out of a recession, but that funding has been on the decline, not rising.

Another display of ignorance from the educational “elites”, claiming that MORE government spending is the “way out of a recession .”  Again, this is a Keynesian economic fallacy that has proven false repeatedly – most recently with Obama’s “stimulus.”

It is free enterprise in the private sector – not the public sector – which drives economic prosperity and creates jobs.  Of course, the unions aren’t truly interested in that.  They’re interested in more money “for the children”, which translates into more taxpayer money diverted into union coffers to be used for buying power and elections.

For people who complain about “corporate money” in politics, they sure don’t mind all the UNION money buying politicians.  So essentially, it’s the competition they can’t stand.  And why not?  Marxists think competition in the marketplace is “unfair.”  They want a monopoly.

Is it any wonder they’re churning out millions of students every year who aren’t able to compete in the marketplace, either?   That’s the natural result of an essentially nationalized, socialist education industry: they’re producing children conditioned to demand a system of socialist “fairness,” not innovation and success.

The really frightening part comes next:

Why are protesters occupying Wall Street? What are they protesting, and what are their goals? In this lesson from the New York Times Learning Network, students are introduced to Occupy Wall Street and then investigate the movement more deeply.

5 Resources for Teaching About Occupy Wall Street from Humane Connections.

Teach – Occupy Wall Street is a Facebook group for sharing ideas.

That’s right, parents.  The NEA is providing resources for teachers to instruct your children to SUPPORT OCCUPY WALL STREET and embrace its socialist agenda.

And all with your hard-earned taxpayer dollars.

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