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Two days ago, the NRC approved 

Computer generated image of AP1000
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Westinghouse’s AP1000 nuclear reactors for use in the USA, where no nuclear reactors have been built since the 1979 Three Mile Island scare. Presently, utilities in Georgia and South Carolina are awaiting approval to construct a total of four AP1000 reactors.

Key features of the AP1000 are its fewer moving parts than in traditional reactors, especially in an emergency where radioactive fuel needs to be cooled. Current systems rely on pumps to supply water, but the AP1000 uses a massive water tank atop its structure that uses gravity to release the coolant.

It’s a safe bet that environmeddlists are going to go bananas over this development: “What if gravity stops working?” Across the land, gnashing of teeth and rending of garments can be expected; perhaps a new “Occupy The Nukes” movement will get underway.

The only acceptable means for generating electricity are wind and solar, as far as many are concerned. Coal is out, oil is out, natural gas is out, and at least in Oregon, hydropower isn’t considered “renewable”. Nukes’ll drive them totally around the bend – although in truth, it isn’t that far a drive.

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