Don't Spread My Wealth – Spread My Work Ethic!

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Generation Y

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If you’re like most of us who have had the misfortune of finding yourself saddled with “co-workers” who were born in the 1980’s, you’ve doubtless come to the conclusion that you’re stuck with lazy, self-centric jerks. You’re far from alone; a poll taken last month indicates that 77% agree.

Further, 68 percent of respondents said they think millennials are less motivated to take on responsibility and produce quality work, and 46 percent said they think millennials are less engaged at work than others.

Respondents in the millennial generation didn’t grade themselves much better, the poll found. Fifty-five percent said peers are less motivated to take on responsibility, and 34 percent said millennials are less engaged than their counterparts.

Be of good cheer; your perceptions are true: they really are just hanging around, chatting, and surfing on their cell phones. They really aren’t doing any work, and your irritation with them is entirely justified. They really believe that they deserve the same rate of pay that you’ve earned over the years, and they don’t see any reason why they should have to expend any effort to attain it.

They’re entitled.

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MaxRedline: Don’t Spread My Wealth – Spread My Work Ethic!.

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