More Portland Absurdity

Posted on December 26, 2011 by


On holidays, parking downtown is generally free. Monday, 26 Dec. is, inexplicably, a “holiday”. Federal, state, and city offices are closed. It follows, therefore, that parking is free downtown. As Sam Adams Gomer Pyle loved to say, “Surprise, surprise, surprise!”

The city’s paying meter maids double-time today (as they will again next Monday, 02 January) to paper cars with tickets. Gregg Hersholt, over at KXL, reported seeing yellow ticket envelopes on every parked car for an entire block downtown, earlier today. At $34 a pop, Sammy must figure it’s worth the meter-maid overtime to snag unsuspecting citizens.

Seattle, of course, allows free parking today and next Monday, because they actually want folks to head downtown and spend some money. Naturally, “business-friendly” Portland chooses the opposite tactic.

And next week, the rate goes up to $39 a pop.

If you’re smart, you’ll boycott downtown Portland.

It’s not as though the kids in City Hall haven’t been trying to turn it into an economic desert. Lend them a hand!

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