Saving The Spotted Owl

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The forest products industries in the Pacific Northwaste have long been essentially shut down, in large part to Save the Spotted Owl™.

How’s that been working out? Well, of late, environmeddlists have been suggesting that government workers be sent out into the forests, armed with shotguns, to kill Barred owls. This needs to be done because the barred owls are more aggressive than the gentle spotted ones, and – worse yet – they can actually interbreed; resulting in hybrids known as Sparred owls. This isn’t what the environmeddlists had in mind.

At the same time, however, they think it’s important to put the brakes on what has devolved into essentially the only logging allowed: thinning. Now that the remaining mills have refitted to accept only small-diameter logs, we may need to shut most of those down, too. The reason, according to environmeddlists and their partners in government, is that thinning that was supposed to help spotted owls seems to harm flying squirrels.

And flying squirrels are are a major component of the gentle spotted owl’s diet. And if that’s not enough, they also help disperse fungi important to tree health – so there!

Are flying squirrels endangered? Well, no…but that’s not really the issue, now is it?

MaxRedline: Saving The Spotted Owl.

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