Another One Rides The Bus

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Cash-strapped Tri-Met


has been cannibalizing bus services to pay for their trains; that’s been mentioned many times here. As it turns out,they’re cutting all kinds of things except, it appears, building more train lines and staffing their P.R. department.

Even as public health experts fret about the rise of drug-resistant superbugs, money-strapped TriMet made deep cuts to cleaning crews charged with scrubbing down its vehicles. Now, riders can expect a bus to be deep cleaned only once a year.  Preliminary results from the PSU study showed 120 bacteria colonies found on trains and buses, including signs of the the flesh-eating MRSA.*

The cloth seats are especially nice, don’t you think? Only one person does deep-cleaning and disinfection these days, so each vehicle is treated once a year. Don’t forget to wash up after disembarking. And have a nice day!

*the Zero article is somewhat misleading, as there are a number of MRSA bacterial variants; not all are of the flesh-eating variety – some just cause pneumonia.

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