Lents Horns In

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As noted here a couple of weeks ago, folks inNorth Plains have had just about enough of Portland City Council’s “innovative” mandatory slop-composting scheme, though the 0verlords atPortland City Hall maintain that the program will go forward even if North Plains residents prevail in their effort to get the slop-site shut down at their doorstep. The 0verlords maintain that their other dump-sites will be able to pick up the slack, and so they’ll continue to force their agenda upon a generally unwilling populace.

One of their dump-sites is over on the east side, in the Lents neighborhood. That’s where the 0verlords dumped all of the duck poop that they scraped out of the pond at Laurelhurst Park, last year, and the residents in Lents seem to have had just about enough crap from Portland City Hall. They don’t want the slop-bucket “composting” scheme in their ‘hood, and they’re airing their complaints to the state Land Use Board of Appeals.

Here’s hoping they can slap Portland’s smarmy little mayor upside the head with his own slop bucket!

MaxRedline: Lents Horns In.

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