Predictions and Resolutions for the New Year

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Predictions for 2012:

Egypt and Syria will fall to Islamic radicals.

Israel will be forced to strike Iran. The Muslim world will retaliate and become more aggressive in Europe.

The Euro will collapse or the European Union will jettison its weaker members. Either way, shock waves will be felt across the global economy.

China will make more demands in exchange for buying US debt, while building up its military machine and calling for a global reserve currency to replace the dollar.

Russia will once again descend into oligarchy.

America will slide into another deep recession.

Romney will win the GOP nomination and the 2012 election.

Both the House and the Senate will gain Republican majorities.

Occupy Wall Street will become more aggressive and violent like their Greek counterparts.

The Tea Party will be quietly working behind the scenes at the grassroots level.

Christ will be Lord. The Church will be called to return to her first love, and God will use His people to reach out to a hurting world and bring beauty from ashes.

Resolutions for the New Year:

To worship more and worry less.

The be led by the Holy Spirit, not driven by the need.

To do what I am called to within my little sphere, and leave the rest to God.


What are your predictions and resolutions?

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