Hard-Working, Desperate, And Illegal

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Portland, Ore. – A no-frills model

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of the Ford Expedition starts at around $36,500. Maria Gonzalez-Torres and Jose Lizarraras-Chacon were driving an Expedition in northeast Portland – with their four children (ranging in age from 2 months to 11 years) inside – when they were pulled over by Portland police last Friday. Police took 5 ounces of heroin from Maria’s bra, $350 in cash in suspected drug profit money from a diaper bag, seven bags of heroin from a Diaper Genie disposal in a bedroom of their Southeast Portland apartment and four more bags of heroin stuffed in a child’s “Cars” slipper. They also confiscated $84,249 in cash from the apartment, along with two pounds of heroin and a loaded .45 caliber handgun.

Jose was convicted last year for heroin dealing, was sentenced to probation, and deported.

Jose and Maria have been collecting $1100 a month in food stamps.

ICE has placed immigration holds on both.

Not that it matters; Jose was deported in 2010, and busted here again in 2011, pushing heroin each time. Unquestionably, he’s a hard-working guy. And apparently, he’s a firm believer in passing that work ethic along to the kids.

MaxRedline: Hard-Working, Desperate, And Illegal.

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