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The big buzzword these days

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in P-town is “locavore”. Like riding a bicycle, banning plastic bags, banning incandescent bulbs, and buying only “renewable” electricity, “locavore” has become the latest addition to the litany of “green” mantras: buy and consume only locally-grown products to demonstrate your love of the planet.

Apparently, it’s possible to take that a bit too far, if the reaction of folks in Seattle to an article about a local locavore is any indication. This lady traps, kills, and cooks eastern gray squirrels(which aren’t native to the Pacific Northwest). She admits that squirrels are cute, “but so are cows,” she says.

It’s just too much for a number of commenters, who’ve posted notes expressing hope that she gets rabies or dies of spongiform encephalitis. Apparently, looking out for the environment and eating locally-grown food has limits for these folks. Makes you wonder how they feel about abortion.

Sniff…can you smell hypocrisy?

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