Occupy’s Overtures To ‘Find Common Ground’ With The Tea Party Are A Trojan Horse

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If you talk to some of the young idealists who have jumped on the “Occupy Wall Street” bandwagon, you may be tempted to think that they aren’t so different from the Tea Party, after all. I can sympathize with compassionate conservatives who want to reach out to these disillusioned kids and try and divert their energies towards more constructive, liberty-oriented solutions.

However, if these kids REALLY wanted the solutions the Tea Party offered, they had three years to hear our message and join us.  Instead, they chose to jump on the Socialist bandwagon.   That says something about where their hearts truly lie.  Some may be open to conservative alternatives, but most have already made up their minds.

Marxists specialize in finding areas people are passionate about, and then channeling that energy into the advancement of the socialist agenda.  It doesn’t matter what your passion is – civil rights, women’s rights, education, poverty, the environment, following Jesus, etc. – Marxists have created an elaborate network of organizations to siphon the gullible from constructive, Biblical, liberty-oriented solutions to Socialist ones.

There’s a reason why Occupy Wall Street claims to be upset about bailouts, corruption, and burdensome taxation, THREE YEARS AFTER THE FACT.   They’re hoping to steal away the Tea Party’s key issues and channel that anger and energy towards advancing class warfare and their Marxist agenda.

Occupy Wall Street was NOT a “spontaneous” or “grassroots” movement. It was PLANNED FOR MONTHS IN ADVANCE by well-funded activist groups as the Leftist answer to the Tea Party.

Big Government had undercover journalists on their websites and e-mail lists who were tracking this for months before the “Day of Rage” in September, when it finally launched. The kids on the ground don’t have a clue about the train they’ve jumped on.

Click here to learn more about the background on the September “Day of Rage” and other protests that were designed to launch the Occupy movement.

I have been blogging about the coming Marxist street protests for months:

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Obama and Ron Paul have tried to draw correlations between the two movements, and many within the Occupy camp have tried to convince Tea Partiers to “find common ground,” claiming “we’re upset about the same things.”

But that’s not necessarily true.  The protesters who were REALLY upset about the bank bailouts joined the Tea Party three years ago.

The ones who waited for Occupy are those who want their OWN bailouts – read: GOVERNMENT FREEBIES.  They want “redistribution”.  They want to “soak the rich.”   They want Socialism.

These ignorant kids marching in the streets are the “useful idiots” Lenin talked about.

One of the hidden goals of Occupy is to try and siphon off Tea Partiers, to reduce our numbers, co-opt our manpower, steal our momentum and redirect it towards a Marxist agenda cloaked in patriotic populism.

Calls to unify with Occupy are misleading. Don’t get sucked in. Liberty cannot unify with tyranny.

Look at who’s pulling the strings, and you’ll understand the true agenda.

The fall protests were part of a strategy to inspire starry-eyed idealists into joining the “progressive” cause.  Now begins phase two: training their new recruits in Alinskyite intimidation tactics behind the scenes, while the rest of the country believes the movement is largely dead.

It’s not.

The REAL revolution begins in the spring, with freshly indoctrinated activists.  And it’s going to get VERY ugly.

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