The Real Reason Mayor Sam Adams Isn’t Running For Reelection – Transparent Hypocrisy

Posted on January 4, 2012 by


Jeff Mapes, Democrat Mouthpiece local political reporter for the paper of record, lent an assist yesterday to lame duck Portland Mayor Sam Adams in his attempt to drive all Republicans out of the city limits:

Portland Mayor Sam Adams says he is unhappy about Republican plans to hold a presidential debate here in March because it would blow a further hole in police costs already strained by the Occupy Portland protests.

Adams said Tuesday that he realizes he can’t force the Oregon Republican Party and Oregon Public Broadcasting – which plans to televise the debate from its Southwest Macadam Avenue studios — to cancel the event. But he said he’s trying to persuade them to shift the debate to a location nearer the airport to reduce the number of police needed for security.

“The costs are real,” said Adams, explaining that police overtime costs have already gone $1.5 million over budget, chiefly because of the Occupied Portland encampment and protests. “I don’t know what else to say. We just don’t have the budget for this.”

The Mayor, of course, cannot claim city poverty when he knew full well what he was encouraging by actively participating in and not requiring proper permitting of Occupy Portland.

This move is especially ironic when one considers that the Oregon Tea Party has repeatedly had its requests ignored for a statement from the Mayor’s office condemning the violence and attempted interference with free speech rights at the annual Tea Party rally on April 15.

Oregon Republican Party Chair Allen Alley was baffled by the Mayor’s reaction:

Oregon Republican Chairman Allen Alley said he was disappointed that Adams didn’t cheer on an event that could bring national attention to Portland and provide an opportunity for candidates to address Northwest issues.

“We thought we were doing something good for the city, good for Oregon,” said Alley. “We actually thought the mayor would welcome something like this.”

This event promises to fix an international spotlight on Portland, with reporters, dignitaries and party officials descending on the scene – in other words, stimulating the local economy.

Mayor Adams, when the Tea Party faces violence and is ignored; when Occupy Portland is allowed unfettered access in violation of the requirement to secure proper permits and insurance; when you are handed a gift that promises a multi-million dollar influx into the local economy – the only conclusion that can be drawn is that your political bias will not allow you to take advantage of a positive event for the city if it benefits those who you think are the bad guys.

Is it November yet?