Hypocrisy And Idiocy

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Congratulations to Willamette Week’s so-called “writer”, HANNAH HOFFMAN for an absolutely mind-numbing “article” about “food deserts” – and how your tax dollars are being wasted on a non-existent “problem”:

Abdow, who has owned his African Mini Market on North Killingsworth for about a year, says language is a barrier to eating healthy if you send immigrants to stores where employees don’t speak their language.

“Tufah,” Abdow says, pointing to a shiny red apple. “That’s ‘apple’ in Somali.” He grins. “Moos,” he says, pointing to a banana.

Here, African immigrants can ask him for what they want in Somali or Swahili, which they can’t do at WinCo.

And here’s the really great thing: your tax dollars are buying Abdow and others refrigeration and freezer units. You see, before government got involved and started tossing around more of your money, all folks like Abdow could afford to do was to sell cigarettes, ho-ho’s,

A bunch of Bananas.

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lottery tickets, cold beer, Thunderbird fortified wine, candy, sold soft drinks…wait, what?

He had refrigerators for beer, but no place to put “healthy food”.

He couldn’t set a basket of apples or bananas up in the place; doing so might have required moving Maxim or Penthouse. And the poor Africans are so stupid that they wouldn’t recognize an apple or a banana anyhow. Now that Abdow has new refrigerators, he can put healthy foods in there, and the poor Africans can ask for them in Swahili – something they could not do at WinCo.

Certainly, when you go to a store, you ask for a banana, or an apple. Why, you just head on over to somebody who’s working in the produce section, and you ask him/her to get you a shiny red apple. And then you ask him for a banana. And that’s how you proceed through your entire shopping list; you drag some store employee around, and ask for a box of tampons, or Preparation H, and they go and get it for you. You spend hours in the store that way, don’t you?

Doesn’t everyone?

It’s easy to see why the government must get involved, and distribute your tax dollars to people like Abdow, so that he can get free refrigerators which he can stock with apples and bananas, so that the poor African immigrants can ask for a shiny red apple. Such are the miracles of modern government.

And as Hannah and Willamette Week demonstrate, such is what passes for “journalism” today.

MaxRedline: Hypocrisy And Idiocy.