Oregon TEA Party May Have Protected Portland Landmark From Further Damage by Occupy

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Dateline January, 7 2012 Portland OR – Flash.  KATU News is reporting that “The Elk,” an art icon which was situated within the illegal Occupy camp, was quite possibly damaged by the Occupiers!  On November 12, 2011; fetid protestors were forcibly evicted from Chapman and Lownsdale Public Squares by the Portland Police Department.  They had been inhabiting the public space in violation of numerous City codes.  KATU reports:

Welders began repairing and sealing seams on the antlers of the Thompson Elk statue on Main Street between Chapman and Lownsdale Squares. Damage was discovered during statue inspections following the Occupy encampment.  The elk statue was the only one with significant damage. Occupy Portland protesters were photographed climbing and hanging from the statue during their protests.To be fair, workers from the Cascadia Art Conservation Center said the statue could have been damaged by a falling tree limb.

Workers repair damaged elk statue downtown. It's quite possible the Oregon TEA Party spared the iconic art work from additional damage by the Occupiers.

Falling tree limb?  Riiiiiiiiiight.

What KATU fails to report, is that TEA Party activists present at “De-Occupy “may have spared the statue from significant additional damages by discouraging the Occupiers from abusing the statue longer than they otherwise would have.

Daylightdisinfectant reported on the Occupiers abusing the statue on eviction night.  Occupier Anarchists had been climbing all over the statue, abusing and disrespecting the American flag in the process.  On that night, “Deb,” a TEA Partier present to witness the eviction took action on her own in a touchstone moment for freedom. Despite the grey, mushy stinking night, she partly scaled the base of the statue and liberated “Old Glory” from a group of illegal protestors who had been disrespecting it. (Credit DearCitizen and Alex Pfeiffer for some additional footage.)  So as it turns out Deb was not only doing freedom a favor, but doing Portland art lovers a favor as well.  Deprived of the flag, Occupiers quite possibly vacated the statue earlier than they would have, thus preventing further damage.

To quote “Deb”:

“I intended to liberate the flag and happened to run into John [Kuzmanich, Chairman of the Oregon TEA Party] and cameraman in the process. I was running with giddiness as I felt exhilarated to be freeing the flag from a distressful state. In my mind, I was respecting our country and military. There was no photo op pre-meditated anything. I say this with total honesty … again, facts are so important when it comes to media.”

As it turns out Deb may have saved art lovers some additional dough as well.  Estimates for repairing the damage are coming in at about $4000.  I’m sure we can expect an award for Deb from Mayor Sam Adams.  Riiiiiiight.