The Devil Went Down To Georgia

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The Devil Went Down to Georgia
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There’s some guy masquerading as a Democrat state legislator in Georgia, and he’s raising eyebrows.

Scott Holcomb, aware that both legislative houses are considering bills that would require applicants for public assistance to submit to drug testing, has filed a bill of his own that would require state legislators to submit to the same tests. It’s hard to argue against the idea: legislators, like those on welfare, food stamps, and other “support” programs, are paid through taxpayer funds – and in point of fact, the case could be made that legislators cause more harm to the general public than do those on public assistance.

And the idea’s catching on.

Random drug testing should be a requirement for all government employees: every bureaucrat, every legislator, and at every level.

It makes so much sense that Holcomb’s Democrat credentials seem questionable, at best. On the other hand, as the adage goes: even a blind hog, in a forest of oaks, will uproot the occasional acorn.

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