Obama's Psychic Powers: Next, On MSM!

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It may seem surprising to some, but President Obama is working hard to shrink the size of American government. Others may argue that it’s been apparent all along, as he’d rather rule by edict and seems to chafe under the restrictions imposed by the American system of government, but that would be unkind. Accurate, perhaps, but unkind.

As it happens, our Dear Leader is a bipartisan kind of guy, and so it is that in this election year, he has taken the unprecedented step (for him) of asking Congress to grant him a reorganizational power that would let him propose mergers that would save the government money. The House and Senate would then decide whether to approve his ideas in an up-or-down vote in 90 days.

His Royal Highness proposes to begin by consolidating six agencies in the Executive branch, and adding a Cabinet-level position to His Majesty’s Round Table. This, he claims, would save $3 billion over a ten-year period, at the cost of perhaps 2,000 jobs – all of which would be eliminated by attrition. There are those, of course, who would argue that in view of the fact that His Excellency has plunged Americans $5 trillion into debt in the span of a mere three years, such “savings” are trivial. However, in the words of the late, great Senator Everett Dirksen, “A billion here and a billion there, and pretty soon you’re talking real money.”

So, it’s a start. The question that inevitably arises, fortunately or not, involves the Emperor’s own words: In brief remarks, Obama pointed out that there are five different organizations and more than a dozen federal agencies that deal with housing. That being the case, the logical question is: why not eliminate the five organizations, and pare the federal agencies involved down to one?

Ancillary questions raised by the aforementioned query include: why consolidate, when you can eliminate? Why not simply dump those federal jobs now, rather than wait for attrition over a decade? “Go talk to the skilled professionals in government who are serving their country — some of the hardest-working folks you’ll find anywhere — and they’ll tell you that their efforts are constantly undermined by an outdated bureaucratic maze,” Obama said.

Well,now – it they’re some of the hardest-working people in America, as our Monarch has proclaimed – wouldn’t the private sector immediately welcome them all with open arms? Let him demonstrate his confidence in the “skilled professionals” – by providing them with an opportunity to pursue other options.

He can’t, because the spell would be broken; the magic seen for the ruse.

Fortunately, his allies in the media fall for the smoke and mirrors every time. Some of them even get a tingle running up their leg.

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