The Zero: How Dare You Demand To Vote?

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The propagandists at The Zero are baying again: if you support giving people a vote, then you’re “anti” – whatever the current scheme happens to be.

Provided it reaches the ballot and is approved by voters, it not only could jeopardize $5 million in city funding for the project, but also tie Milwaukie officials’ hands concerning future maintenance orimprovements to the line.

Totally ignored is the novel concept that if people don’t want it, then politicians have no business forcing them to pay for it.

“Reporterette” Molly makes it very clear that everybody should want light rail – only idiots would oppose the vision of the “planners”. Sellwood light railLight rail, after all, is “progressive”, and the wave of the future.

Only complete morons would support the idea of giving citizens the right to vote  on whether or not their money should be “invested” in “infrastructure” that is so very obviously critical to the creation of jobs in the 21st century.

Heck, other countries are so far ahead of us at this point that America may never catch up! North Korea has trains, for cryin’ out loud.



MaxRedline: The Zero: How Dare You Demand To Vote?.

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