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I think the Tea Party’s dying out as the economy’s slowly getting better,” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press.

Hairy needs to hotfoot it up north, where the Clackistani Rebellion is in full swing and shows no sign of letting go: Clackamas County commissioners implemented a vehicle tax to help pay for a Multnomah County – owned bridge that Multnomah County failed to maintain and which is now deemed unsafe.

“Wait just a minute!”, exlaimed Clackamas County residents, who put together a ballot measure to rescind the commissioners’ decision – and passed it overwhelmingly. Slap One: residents 1, commissioners 0.

Then commissioners decided to spend $25 million of taxpayer funds on light rail – and voted 3-1 to deny taxpayers any say in the matter. Another ballot initiative, another resounding defeat for the commissioners. Residents 2, commissioners 0.

Over in Lake Oswego (Clackamas County), plans were afoot to spend millions to build a streetcar line from Portland to Lake O. The politicians were firmly behind the scheme. Residents shot that down, too.

Now, the city of Milwaukie (Clackamas County) proposes to spend $5 million in public money on – you guessed it – rail. The ballot measure to prevent that is already underway, and it looks as though the politicians and developer weasels are about to get slapped down for a fourth time.

What Hairy and many others fail to realize is that the TEA party isn’t synonymous with “Republican”. Far from it: people all across the political spectrum are Taxed Enough Already, and they’ve had about their fill of politicians, developers, and other weasels.

Moreover, as Jeff Reynolds notes in providing this link, if there’s one good thing to be said about the most dysfunctional President in the history of the USA, it is that Obama is a force for unity: He is sending Americans back to the Constitution.

You may remember the faux outrage that was leveled against Dubya: he was “shredding the Constitution” – and barely a day passed without someone in the academic, political, or media (but I repeat myself) venues slobbering out their claims. Yet the same Bush claims of executive authority in war that provoked such apoplexy in our pundits, professors and politicos have for the most part been embraced by Mr. Obama—all to the distinct sound of silence. Bush, at least, asked Congress for permission to enter into war; Obama doesn’t bother.

In a sense, our inept Golfer-In-Chief has crystallized what has gone wrong in government, and politicians in Clackamas County,Oregon – who share the President’s disdain for “the little people” – are beginning to find out what TEA really tastes like. We’re about tired of this:Sand-sculpture_iron_hand

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