Updated – Creepy Time at Occupy Portland: Meet the “Occubears”

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Dateline Portland Oregon, January 18, 2011 – Lock up the kids honey, Occupy Portland is on the move again.  I have been doing Citizen Journalism for about a year and a half  now.  File this one under whatever the heck you want:  I have officially seen it all.  In a bizarre creepy twist to the so-called “movement,” which has cost the city well in excess of $1.75M, Occupy Portland has formed a group called:  “Occubears.” (Hat Tip LexFlyingFish)

From the Public Facebook Page For Occupy:  Meet the Occupy Portland Occubears.

The information for the group includes the following:

Carebears come to life to protect the 99% and heal the 1%

Occubears are the frontline peace block to help protect protestors from the police batons.

Current needs:
Base of operations (preferably the same location) A.K.A. Care-A-Lot
– A place to store materials & equipment that will become the occubears.
– A place to build them.

– To creatively design the occubears for both comfort and functionality on the front lines- to help build the Occubears once the design phase is complete.

– Suits: (Single Colored) Hoodies, Sweat pants, Big puffy jackets.
– Padding: Soft plush material stuffing, old camping pads, old pillows, old down comforters, old comfy chairs.
– Joint pads: Knee, elbow, shoulder hips & fingers/hands
Helmets (baseball, football, skate boarding, rollerblading, snow boarding)

Occupy Portland posted this picture in order to field suggestions for the outfits.
Suggestions included colored gas masks.

Hmm “heal the 1%.”  Something tells me this is going to cost the 1% money.  Hmm.  Wonder what the knee pads are for?  And it’s not clear why they are not using their new home.  Occupy Portland, which seems “barely alive,” has secured a new space at the Catholic Church over in SE Portland.  Perhaps it’s not “Bear Accessible?  So many questions.

One of the discussions in the group begins:   “Which Occubear will you be? Feel free to design your own themed bear or imagine an original that suits your personality!”  Wonder what would that be?  How about “Druggie Bear” to go along with all the drug violations and hypodermic needles which were found?  Or “Molotov Cocktail Bear” for the Occupy perp who threw one at the Portland World Trade Center.  Or “Violent Bear” to commemorate the Occupier who attacked the KGW news crew.  The possibilities are endless.

The Occubears Public Facebook Page

While it seems like the group is preparing the Occubears to protect them from police batons, it may be that  Occupy is planning on using them for their next “Family Friendly Event.”  As reported right here on 5440fight.com, that event included one of the lead Occupiers, exposing himself .

We’ll keep you updated as things develop.  We can, ummm … barely wait?

UPDATE January 20, 2012:  Other bloggers are picking up the call to name the Occubears!  Over at Verum Serum they have compiled their own list!  Name your favorite in the comments or make one up on your own!

The blog reads:

I’m sure you can think of more.