Newt Smacks Down 'Gotcha' Question By Debate Moderator – Dems, Media Cry 'Racist' On Cue

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Here’s the epic exchange between moderator Juan Williams and Newt Gingrich, in case you missed it:

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According to the Lamestream media, the Republicans in the audience are “racist” to boo an asinine “gotcha” question by a journalist because he’s black and it was MLK’s birthday.  Good grief!   Of course they don’t mention how Newt blew his question out of the water with inconvenient facts.

Tim Graham reports at Newsbusters:

The liberal media have returned to assaulting the crowd reaction at Republican debates. Ken Tucker, a TV critic at Entertainment Weekly (a sister publication of Time magazine), suggested the “mob” was “heavy with malice.” He thought Jon Huntsman would find relief “he didn’t have to stand on-stage Monday night to face the most raucous, roused-rabble audience of any Republican debate held thus far.”

Tucker strongly suggested the audience was racist in reaction to a Juan Williams hardball question to Newt Gingrich: “The jeers that erupted the second Williams uttered the phrase ‘black Americans’ was chilling on this Martin Luther King Day.” But not only was there no outcry as Williams used the words “black Americans” early in the question, but the outburst of noise didn’t really erupt until Gingrich said “No” to the Williams question.

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Chris Matthews ridiculously claimed that the way Newt pronounced his name “Juan” was racist.  Politico’s Roger Simon is following suit.

Jesse Jackson and the South Carolina DNC chair whined that it was racist to even hold a debate on MLK day, conveniently ignoring the fact that they had no problem with it when their own party held a debate on MLK’s birthday in 2008.

This is the same revisionist smear tactic the media tried after a debate in which audience members booed a loaded question posed by a gay soldier.   They booed the question, not the soldier, but the Democrats and media had a field day smearing Republicans as homophobes and bigots with carefully edited 5-second soundbites on the evening news.

With Cain out of the race, Obama’s media cheerleading squad are back to shamelessly playing the race card at every opportunity.   Rest assure they are just getting started.

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